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To put focus on the benefits and challenges of AI, we have organized this webinar 8. December together with Computerworld Events

In the webinar, we will introduce our approach and toolbox to AI projects, and two customers will present their gains from integrating AI into their business.

You will learn how AI has been successfully used to enhance an existing business where artificial intelligence is deployed to work complementary to natural intelligence in a complex data process. And you will be presented with a business case where AI provides the possibilities of creating a completely new business platform, that would not otherwise have been possible.

The case studies will be presented by the companies themselves with focus on “why AI” and how the solutions brought value to their business.

Introduction to Ambolt AI

Ambolt is a highly specialized AI company with deep knowledge in the various AI technologies, and development of several successful solutions. You will be presented with Ambolt’s work method starting up a new project, and a peek into the toolbox.

Speaker: Jon Andersen CCO at Ambolt AI will be kicking of the day by sharing Ambolt AI approach and solution to automation using microservice & AI technology. Jon brings multiple years of international experience to the table within AI and automation.

Case study – Paralenz


Paralenz develop world-class diving cameras that are used by divers world-wide. But Paralenz is more than a high-quality diving camera – it is a universe for people who take an interest in the oceans. Paralenz has created a platform for divers to share their unique experience with others.

Computer vision techniques

To make a video shareable & likeable, it must be relatively short and of high quality. This is where technology can give a hand and make it an easy task to share your cool dive. The technology applied in this case is object detection from computer vision techniques, and the aim is to automate selection of the most interesting video sections and share as one beautiful story.

Paralenz will give some insight into how and why they saw AI technology as a match for their business development.

Speaker: Peter Theill, CTO Paralenz

Case study – Qvest


Qvest is the world’s first digital platform designed to help large companies build and improve organizational agility. Executives use Qvest to mobilize people across their organizations and to get unique insight into what helps and hinders progress. On the Qvest platform employees exchange questions and answers about strategic topics, and quantitative and qualitative analyses are made based on the large amount of conversational data.

NLP (natural language processing)

Ambolt was hired to help structure the qualitative data with NLP (natural language processing) and clustering. The AI solution developed by Ambolt provides sophisticated help with initial sorting of the data, making it possible for Qvest users to save time when performing analyses.

Qvest will give some insight into how their business model has been enhanced with AI.

Speaker: Pia Lauritzen, PhD, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer. Pia invented the Qvest method and has helped hundreds of companies collecting, analyzing, and translating conversational data into valuable strategic insights.

Qvest - NLP

Qvest uses AI to measure the level of strategy implementation

Qvest has specialized in helping organizations speeding up the process and quality of strategy implementation. You...
Paralenz diving universe

Computer Vision provided new business opportunities for Paralenz

Paralenz specialize in advanced diving cameras that measure lots of valuable information during diving. It is more than high-quality diving cameras...
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