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Everyone knows the situation. You stop at a red light, and think: “No one is driving the other way, why can’t I get a green light? – You can’t because it’s a very primitive system that determines when it changes from red to green. Inefficient traffic systems are not only a great source of annoyance for drivers but also an enormous source of C02 emissions.

To optimize traffic flow, Advanced Traffic Systems (ATS) developed a traffic system using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The system is up to 50% more efficient than existing systems. ATS tested the expected effect of the intelligent traffic systems in simulations. Looking at differences throughout the morning rush hour, the drivers experienced 53% less average delay, 64% less queue, 21% fewer stops, and 28% less fuel consumption.

ATS is currently working with both Aalborg- and Aarhus municipality. The company is co-founded by Ambolt, in Partnership with Aalborg University.

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