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Helseboka provides the patient with an overview of their personal health. It allows easy access to their journals, future appointments, lab results, etc.

User-friendly e-health solution 

Helseboka is a user-friendly e-health solution for both professionals and private individuals. Helseboka is a cloud-based software platform built for health data, with appoint booking tools and follow-up gathered in one place – and with the patient in the center. The platform is built on best-in-class information security principles. For the private individual, Helseboka is a unique opportunity to get an overview and control everything to do with their personal health. 

Used by 18 000+ healthcare professionals

The original version of the application launched in 2019, and as of today, Helseboka is in active use by municipalities, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and institutions and professionals within the primary healthcare service.

18 000+ healthcare professionals are registered users of the interaction platform, and over 3+ million private individuals are familiar with Helseboka appointment bookings; for testing and vaccination during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of 2022, Helseboka is Norway´s largest pandemic platform with 4.4 million registered vaccinations, and about half of the country´s population has stored health information in their own private, digital health book.

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Helseboka app

The background for Helseboka

The two Norwegian doctors, Marius Christensen and Anders Stormo, had the vision to create a system allowing patients to get a better overview of their personal health data. The system should give the clinics a better tool for daily operations and patient follow-up. It should provide easy access to their health journal and make communication between patients and doctors easy and efficient.

A search for experts in app development and machine learning brought the doctors and Ambolt AI together in 2017, and the creation of Helseboka soon took off. The App was ready in 2019 and continued to develop new functionalities alongside an increasing number of users.

Ambolt AI - Helseboka app

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