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Ambolt has helped JumpStory build a solution that leverages AI-technology to quickly and efficiently find the best images.

We’ve rethought the entire process from scratch, and are applying AI in order to simplify and improve the experience. Matching images with texts automatically, and in an intelligent way, is one element of this. Using AI to filter out the more fake-looking photos and instead giving them more authentic visuals is also valuable to marketers. These tools are enabling storytellers in 80 countries to find images more quickly and efficiently

Jonathan Løw

The founders of JumpStory, Jonathan Løw, and Anders Thim, experienced the frustrations first hand of finding quality stock photos, that wasn’t cliche or overused. They realised, that the stock image market was in radical need of innovation.

The company has users in more than 120 countries and is funded by top tier investors, including the former CEO of Microsoft.

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