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Paralenz specialize in advanced diving cameras that measure lots of valuable information during diving. It is more than high-quality diving cameras though – it is a universe for people who take an interest in life in the oceans.

To this end, Paralenz has created an online community for divers to share their unique experience with others. The information is shared together with video recordings in an online community with thousands of other divers’ stories. 

System for creating video stories

Paralenz requested a system for creating smaller stories out of a full-length diving recording, making it easier and more convenient to share diving stories with interesting content.

Developing such a system required computer vision techniques to detect and classify a large variety of aquatic life. With this system, divers can easily find interesting and salient parts of their diving adventure and edit out the less relevant parts of the dive.

Automatic story highlighting in diving videos

Contributing to the community by sharing dives with other divers is one of the key features in Paralenz.

In the community divers can create an online catalogue of their previous dives. From a diver’s perspective, this solution gives the diver more insight into the recordings and saves lots of time editing own footage before publishing highlights from the dive.

jellyfish identified by means of AI

New business opportunities

This solution allowed Paralenz to completely pivot their business model, reaching an entirely new and exciting market.

Advanced deep convolution neural networks

Advanced deep convolution neural networks are trained to extract important features to find and locate every fish in frame of the video. Deep learning is state-of-the-art within computer vision and processing of images.

Fish and underwater objects are one use case for computer vision, but computer vision can be used to detect, locate, and classify all sorts of objects in photos and videos.

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