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Jon Andersen

Business Developer & Sales

B2B Sales & Consulting

Jon Andersen
+45 20 56 99 40

Jon heads Ambolt’s sales and business development efforts. Where digital transformation and change is needed, Jon relentlessly drives forward, applying data and analytics to it’s fullest, in a customer-oriented manner. Prior to joining Ambolt Jon has worked in as Head of Advanced Analytics & AI at Telenor, as a manager at PWC, as an aviation duty officer, and as an industrial technician.

He holds an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, both from Aalborg University.

Jon is always open for a chat, and for offering his perspective on a given situation.

Start-Ups & Investors

Steen Palle
+45 22 13 74 70

Steen is Ambolt’s Head of Investments. Before joining Ambolt, he worked as an Investments Manager at Borean Innovation (Novi Innovation) for 18 years. Throughout his investment career, Steen has closed 5-8 deals per year, and screened hundreds of business ideas, in many different industries.

Earlier in his career, Steen held positions in LOGSTOR, Nellemann (now Niras), Bruun & Sørensen (now COWI) and LICconsult (now 7-Technologies).

Steen is happy to share his wide network, and is always open for a chat.

Steen Palle

Investment Manager

Andreas Berre Eriksen

CEO & Co-Founder


Andreas Berre Eriksen
+45 22137470


HR Business Partner

HR, Commercial & Communications

Chrisstine Johannsen
+45 42495941

Chrisstine is working with all HR related in Ambolt. She is responsible for administration, positions, career and talent acquisition. With her many tentacles, she handles contracts, accounting and internal business development as well. Chrisstine holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Change and Innovation, and has been working several years in the tech industry. She is good at working with software teams and startup companies and is a strong career advisor for technical profiles. Chrisstine is a certified creative thinker, a people’s person and a commercial conceptualist, who supports the company in building the commercial dimension. Her number one priority is to make sure that Ambolt’s culture constantly evolves, and that the world always is aware of, why Ambolt is just like a second home to all of us.