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Who is Denmark’s biggest AI talent 2022?

The Danish AI Championship is an annual competition for students. Formally, the Danish AI Championship for students is a national competition. Less formally, it’s also Ambolt AI’s way of celebrating the talents of the future.

AI Championship for students

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Ambolt AI designs and develops the assignments for the competition and is already well under way with the preparations for the Danish AI Championship 2022, which is to be held from 4–10 October. It is a broad-based competition which tests the skills of those taking part in areas such as Computer Vision, NLP and intelligent control of systems. In short, it is a week-long hackathon, challenging both the students’ professional competency and creative thinking.

We were very impressed with the interest shown and participation last year, which was the first year we organised the event. This year, several institutes have joined the universities, and the Danish AI Championship has grown into an independent concept with its own community. Last year, we found that even though it is a competition with a lot at stake, the students were still supremely good at helping one another along the way.

Andreas Berre Eriksen

Why challenge the students?

Andreas Berre Eriksen, founder of Ambolt AI elaborates: “Ambolt AI started out with a vision of bridging the gap between the research world and the business world because we saw huge potential in the commercial use of AI. As Danish pioneers in applied artificial intelligence, we feel compelled to help support the students who will be helping shape the Denmark of the future.

Ever since we were data science students ourselves, we’ve dreamed of doing something that helps people. We really felt we’d achieved that when, a little over a year ago, users of the Norwegian ‘Helseboka’ – developed by Ambolt AI and run by two Norwegian doctors – topped the million mark. Today, we’re up at almost 2.9 million users.

The success we’ve achieved since our student days is inextricably linked to our education as data scientists. The foundation of our success was laid not just by the professional competency surrounding applied AI but by the university community, too, hence our desire to give something back to the study environment where we ourselves thrived. So we thought about what we would have appreciated when we were at university.

The result was the Danish AI Championship for students”.


The DM i AI partners

We developed the concept for the Danish AI Championship for students in the spring of 2021, and with the help of our partners, the competition became a reality in autumn 2021.

Senior Project Manager Peter Lemcke Frederiksen explains, “AI Denmark support the Danish AI Championship because it’s important that more students are introduced to artificial intelligence tools and methods and that they learn about the opportunities AI can create for companies, organisations and Danish society as a whole”.

DIREC also supports the project, and, in the words of CEO Thomas Riisgaard Hansen, “It’s great to see that private players are actively involved in focusing on AI and digital education”.

We’re delighted to also have the support of ATV – the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. Frederikke Kroon, Program Director, Executive AI Network, says, “ATV has identified artificial intelligence as an important, strategic area of technology for Denmark. AI is a game-changer for companies, research environments and society as a whole, making it absolutely crucial for our global competitiveness that Denmark educates, secures talents and creates the conditions for innovation in this field. The winners of the future will be those companies that best utilise the potential in data”.

Digital Tech Summit 2022

Digital Tech Summit 2022

It goes without saying that a week of coding fun must be suitably rounded off with a trophy and the presentation of prizes. This will take place on 25 October at the Digital Tech Summit, where the winner will be revealed, and the first prize of DKK 40,000 and the two second prizes of DKK 5,000 each will be presented.

Mark Riis, Digital Tech Summit says: “We’re delighted to have the pleasure of presenting the winners of the Danish AI Championship on the main stage of the Digital Tech Summit in October. We’re expecting many students from all of the Danish universities to attend the Digital Tech Summit. The award is a great opportunity to showcase a number of the top talents we have in Denmark within digitisation and the use of artificial intelligence. I think there will be a great deal of interest in this among companies and public institutions, which are increasingly on the lookout for such students as the employees of the future”.

The assignments the students have worked on in the competition will be presented at Ambolt AI’s stand at the Digital Tech Summit.

Digital Tech Summit website

The winners of DM i AI 2021

Video with Søren Winkel Holm and Asger Schulz

Asger: We study at DTU 8th semester, Master in human-centered artificial intelligence

Søren: “Last year we participated in DM in AI at Ambolt AI and it was a funny experience, both because we got to bring home the trophy, and because it was very creative tasks within artificial intelligence and data science. It was tasks were you not only got data and had to modulate it, but you also had to find data yourself. You had to write code for deployment – and then you had a week with quite different modulation tasks. We had a lot of fun with this.”

Asger: “Furthermore, there was a great interaction with the other participants, you talked a lot with the other groups despite it being a competition. And there was this live feed board where you could follow the overall progress. You can make of it what you want – you can of course aim at winning and go all in, or you can focus on just one task if you feel like it. No matter what, it’s great fun!”

Søren: “Our take from last year is great. There’s a fine prize for the winner, but also just having a lot of fun. Also, the experience of receiving the first prize at Digital Tech Summit was great. It is worth it – even if you get a bit behind with assignments one week.

So, we hope you will participate this year in DM in AI like we did last year, and we will participate again this year.”