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Data for good

If you ask us, consultancy is every bit as much about advising on which technologies are most convenient and economically and ethically sound as it is about advising on AI solutions.

When we work with artificial intelligence, we use natural intelligence. So, we always work according to principles that help ensure an economic, ethical and well-founded basis for development within AI.

Computing power and data volumes are growing. Uncritically pouring data into our machines is not sustainable and it doesn’t make sense. If the context we’re building is not sustainable or ethically sound, we shouldn’t be building it. Once we have built it, we need to look at what it’s to be used for.

We might risk putting together parts that shouldn’t be used together, leaving us with a tool where a hammer is used to screw.

AI is a matter of principle

  • We screen and validate the data before it is used
  • We ensure that it is used and stored in accordance with applicable law
  • The purpose of using the data in question must meet our purpose principles
  • We have a “no nonsense” approach to AI – meaningless and unvalidated AI solutions are not for us or our clients


The foundation

The academic foundation means a lot to the process, the development and the result – it makes for good, coherent processes that allow us to nip problems in the bud, change course and drive on in the same direction. This not only creates immense value for our clients and business partners, but it’s also the way we want to work at Ambolt AI.

We make it easy to start up an AI project

Starting from scratch with an AI project, installation of the AI environment cost more than 5 mill unsuccessful downloads a month. This is human resources disappearing into thin air. We need to do something about this. Therefore, we have developed the AI platform, “Emily AI”, which is an enhanced open-source solution.

Andreas Berre Eriksen, CEO Ambolt

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