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We choose to have impact on the cases we work with and we contribute to sustainable solutions that make a real difference. Every Ambolt project strives to solve the Global SDGs and create value for people and companies. We invite all partnerships for the goals to join us on the mission.

Advanced Trafic Systems

The world's most intelligent trafic controller

Trafic pollution is a global problem. In 2019 New Delhi only allowed 50% of cars to drive in the city as an order to reduce pollution. Ambolt has co-founded Advanced Trafic Systems intelligent trafic light algorithms, that save 20-30% fuel compared to a traditional trafic controller. The controller is self-optimizing so the e"ect will not decay over time like a traditional trafic controller. Did you know that 290.000 litre of fuel is saved yearly, installing the intelligent controller in just four intersections?

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Helseboka & IntMed

Take control over your health

The full integrated and twosided Helseboka app connects patients and doctors and help them share personal health information. The doctor has access to all the data the patients shares with him, and the patient can use Helseboka to communicate with his doctor and pre-scan for health issues. The underlying IntMed algorithm developed by Ambolt asks the patient questions and collects valuable data, that helps the doctor to make qualified descisions concerning the patients treatment.



Intelligent salmon surveillance

In Norway the salmon industry is a large and very important part of the country’s culture and economy. Ambolt has developed IntelliFjord, a surveillance technology that helps salmon farms gain a better understanding of the salmon’s movement patterns. IntelliFjord tracks the salmon’s swimming speed, direction, activity level and measures the amount of food in the water. The data produced with IntelliFjord is used to ensure, that the salmons always are being fed correctly.

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Take control over your health

Plato is a HR-tool for decision support for larger organizations and enterprises. The tool helps the organization to ensure a stable workforce, where skills are based on data instead of personal judgement. Plato intelligently analyses HR-data, identifies patterns and presents a dynamic overview of organizations future capacity, and the di"erent variables influencing the capacity.

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