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A new software release of Ambolt AI’s “Emily” development tool is now available.

There are certain steps in the development and deployment of AI microservices that are not only incredibly time consuming but quite bothersome, too. Emily has therefore been created to give developers a helping hand.

Deployment of AI microservices

Developers have already been using “Emily” for a year, and it now comes with even more features. The basic “Emily Core” package has been expanded to include “Emily Deploy”, where the main focus is on helping with deployment of AI microservices.

Ambolt AI helps Nordic companies with automation and AI implementation. Through the development of tailormade solutions we soon realised that we could put our knowledge to the best possible use by reusing as much of the most basic configuration as possible in order to free up time for the actual development.

Andreas Berre Eriksen

Andreas Berre Eriksen, CEO Ambolt explains

“As our work involves automating data and decision processes for our customers, we’ve taken a dose of our own medicine and created an AI platform that can automate parts of the deployment process. The time we save by using the platform benefits our customers. We can pour our energy into the tailormade solution part of the development and spend less time on basic configuration and deployment. In short, we’ve automated the “boring” part of the development process – the part that can take an unnecessarily long time or cause frustration. We use the platform ourselves and are now making it available to all other developers.”

If you would like to learn more about Ambolt AI and our “Emily” developer tool, please get in touch.

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"Emily Core" and "Emily Deploy"

Emily AI

“Emily Core” is our basic platform, which we make available to developers for free. With Emily Core, you get everything you need to start an artificial intelligence project.

When the project is complete and ready for deployment, “Emily Deploy”, a license-based developer tool hands you a helping hand. Emily Deploy offers intuitive flows for configuring servers and production environments, making it possible to deploy a project seamlessly. Emily Deploy ensures that if the project works locally for the developer, it will also work in the production environment.