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Meet us at booth #9 for a talk about how we can add value to your data and your business case with AI.

Our Booth will be packed with information and use cases about artificial intelligence. You will find inspiration how and why different companies have started out with AI, and maybe you have an idea for a project of your own you would like our input to.

We have added value to business areas as different as:

PARALENZ: AI has provided the possibility of creating a completely new business platform, that would not otherwise have been possible.

QVEST: Analyze and structure qualitative data with NLP (natural language intelligence) to support the process of categorizing a large number of questions used for strategic initiatives in organizations.

HELSEBOKA: Connecting doctors and patients by means of an app where questions to the patient are asked intelligently by an underlying machine-learning algorithm. Thus, a chance for the doctor to reduce time on initial diagnosis and be better prepared.

Paralenz diving universe

Computer Vision provided new business opportunities for Paralenz

Paralenz specialize in advanced diving cameras that measure lots of valuable information during diving. It is more than high-quality diving cameras...
Qvest - NLP

Qvest uses AI to measure the level of strategy implementation

Qvest has specialized in helping organizations speeding up the process and quality of strategy implementation. You...
Helseboka connecting doctors and patients

Helseboka Connects Patients and Doctors.

Helseboka provides the patient with an overview of their personal health. It allows easy access to...

Award for future talents - DM in AI

At the Digital Tech Summit, a Future Talent Prize will be awarded to the winner of the Danish National Championship in AI for students.

The National Championship in AI for students was held 1.-7. November. During this week 80 students were challenged with cool use cases to solve. A lot of fun, but also a tough competition. The four tasks to solve were within Computer vision, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning as well as a creative IQ test.

Who will win the Danish National Championship in AI?

The winner team will receive the Future Talent prize 1. December at the Digital Tech Summit. It will be presented 11:45-12.15 together with the Danish AI Award, organized by AI Denmark.

We take responsibility for future AI talents, which is why we organize the event “DM in AI for students”, and we are thrilled with the enthusiasm and creativity expressed by the students. The purpose of this competition is to celebrate the AI talents of the future. We furthermore want attention to the fact that we soon will be lacking AI talents in Denmark.

Andreas Berre Eriksen, CEO Ambolt AI
Andreas Berre Eriksen