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We at Ambolt AI would like to congratulate Asger Schulz and Søren Winkel Holm, who cruised to a convincing win in the “Danish AI Championship” competition for students. Asger and Søren took first place with some particularly well thought out AI solutions and were presented with the “Future Talents Award” at the Digital Tech Summit on 1 December.

Hinton’s Helping Hands

The participants competed in teams, with Asger and Søren choosing to call themselves “Hinton’s Helping Hands”, a clear nod to Geoffrey Hinton, known as the father of modern AI. The two winners were among the first students on DTU Compute’s BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data programme and are now studying for an MSc in Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence at DTU.

The Danish AI Championship took place over the course of a week from 1 – 7 November with access to support from Ambolt. For us at Ambolt, it was absolutely fantastic to follow the support chat and to witness how the students helped one another – despite it being a competition.

For Asger Schultz and Søren Winkel Holm, taking part was both fun and challenging:

The assignments were not what we were expecting at all there’s often something to do with using existing data, but not here. We had to generate data ourselves or find it from external sources. This made it extra challenging, explains Asger Schultz. Søren Winkel Holm adds: The Danish AI Championship had a far more creative format than other competitions we’ve seen. The four assignments developed by Ambolt were very different and thus covered a broad spectrum of what we’ve learned. The language assignment is our discipline, so that was the one we tackled first.

From the left: Asger Schulz and Søren Winkel Holm
Asger Schulz and Søren Winkel Holm

About the Danish AI Championship

In spring 2021, we at Ambolt decided to develop the “Danish AI Championship” competition for students and challenge their abilities within different AI disciplines. The “Danish AI Championship” became a reality with the help of our partners AI Denmark and Digital Hub Denmark. DIREC has also supported the project, and Thomas Riisgaard Hansen, CEO of DIREC, had this to say, “It’s great to see that private players are actively involved in focusing on AI and digital education”.

Four very different assignments

Over the summer, we’ve focused our energy on developing the competition to include four very different assignments, which not only put the students’ AI competencies to the test, but their creative thinking, too. The assignments were within the fields of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning, as well as a creative IQ test.

Andreas Berre Eriksen

Why hold a “Danish AI Championship”?

“We believe it’s important to have a good link between universities and the business community if we are to maintain focus on developing solutions that can support processes and solve problems.

We want to contribute to this and are therefore behind the “Danish AI Championship” competition for students and its prize of DKK 40,000,” explains Andreas Berre Eriksen, CEO & Partner, Ambolt.

DM in AI

About Ambolt

Ambolt is a highly specialised Danish company with expertise in AI technologies, with many solutions in their use in a diverse range of areas such as health, traffic, strategic development of organisations, etc.

The use of technology is necessary if we are to improve processes in organisations, but systems must not take control. They must serve as a supplement and automate tasks where it makes sense. In short, we believe in Human-centric AI solutions that can help us save time and resources.