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Artificial Intelligence from Aalborg is Growing Fast

Tech blog has written an article on Ambolt and some of the exciting projects we are working on.


Ambolt Mentioned in Norwegian Newspaper Finansforbundet

The article concerns our VentureTech partner Helseboka, which is growing even faster due to Covid-19. Both the Brazilian and Indian governments are currently looking at the solution. Furthermore, HelseBoka has also drawn the attention of the World Bank. Read the article here: (In Norwegian)

New Office in Slotsgade

With increasing ambitions and employee headcount, we’ve grown out of our office in Novi. Ambolt can now be found in Slotsgade 27 – 2. sal, 9000, Aalborg, which is actually an old Jazz Club. We now have two floors with plenty of space for all of our data-smiths. We are looking forward to inviting you inside!