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“AI has really reached age of implementation, so it will now be implemented across many different sectors and have an impact.

At Ambolt we empower people with AI – we don’t believe AI will replace people, but we do believe people, who use AI will replace people who don’t.

Therefore, we build intelligent products for domain experts, and we call this Human-centric AI”.

We like to solve problems

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“My co-founder and I started the company while we were studying computer science at Aalborg university in 2016, but faith would have it we didn’t start working at the company for the first two years. When we started working for the company it was because Stian Hanssen contacted us with a very good opportunity that ultimately ended up being Norway’s pandemic platform.

We make human-centric AI solutions that means we automate predictions and allow more time for human judgement and imagination. Human-centric AI means that whenever we build a solution on top of data, we want to be mindful of what is this solution build for. Again, we don’t believe AI will replace people, but we do believe people who use AI will replace people who don’t, so that is why the human aspect of what we use data for is very very important.

So, one thing that is very typical for our team is that we like to solve problems. We all have a background from Aalborg university. Aalborg university is one of the leading universities for problem-based learning, so that is really a mindset for the entire organization.

My ambition for the future is that AI is a skill that many people have access to. And to do this we have built an AI platform that we call Emily, with the purpose of democratizing AI”.