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Steen Palle

Investment Manager

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Steen Palle

+45 22 13 74 70

Steen is Ambolt’s Head of Investments. Before joining Ambolt, Steen worked as an Investments Manager at Borean Innovation (Novi Innovation) for 18 years. Throughout his investment career, Steen has closed 5-8 deals per year, and screened hundreds of business ideas, in many different industries.

Earlier in his career, Steen held positions in LOGSTOR, Nellemann (now Niras), Bruun & Sørensen (now COWI) and LICconsult (now 7-Technologies).

Steen is happy to share his wide network, and is always open for a chat.

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Jon Andersen

+45 20 56 99 40

Jon heads Ambolt’s sales and business development efforts. Where digital transformation and change is needed, Jon relentlessly drives forward, applying data and analytics to it’s fullest, in a customer-oriented manner.

Prior to joining Ambolt Jon has worked in as Head of Advanced Analytics & AI at Telenor, as a manager at PWC, as an aviation duty officer, and as an industrial technician.

He holds an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, both from Aalborg University.

Jon is always open for a chat, and for offering his perspective on a given situation.

Jon Andersen

Engagement Manager