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Farrowtech Uses Thermal Cameras and Computer Vision to Alert Farmers When Farrow Aid Is Needed.

Pig farmers are continually struggling with a high mortality rate among piglets, which, according to a Danish study, is estimated at 21,7%

However, research shows that it’s possible to reduce the mortality rate with up to 50% if the farrowing sows are monitored, and given timely farrowing aid.

But, manual monitoring of the farrowing sows is a time-consuming activity and requires staff with the right education and experience. Furthermore, it’s limited what other tasks the staff can engage in while monitoring the sows.

FarrowTech, an innovative agri-tech company, has developed a solution that tackles this problem.

By using thermal cameras and computer-vision-algorithms, FarrowTech detects when the sow is giving birth. The staff is then alerted, who can provide timely and proper farrowing aid. 

FarrowTech leads to a lower mortality rate among piglets, better welfare for the sows, and lower C02 emissions, as fewer sows are needed to birth the same number of piglets.

Here we see a sow giving birth through the lens of a thermal camera