IntelliFjord - Ambolt


Intellifjord Uses Thermal Cameras and Computer Vision
to Ensure Salmons are Fed Correctly.

Determining when to feed salmons and how much to feed them is not an easy task. It depends on several factors, such as the number of salmons, their activity level, and the existing amount of food in the water. 

If salmons are underfed, their growth stunt,  meaning they won’t reach their optimal size in the allotted time-period. Hence, the farmer needs to raise more salmons to produce the same amount of food. This is both more expensive for the salmon farmer and tougher on the environment.

Salmons mostly only eat until full. As such, it’s very difficult to make up for periods of underfeeding. By attempting to make up for this,  the farmer merely wastes food and disturbs the natural ecosystem. Hence, it’s crucial that salmons have the right amount of food at the right time.

Via our Venture-Tech model, Ambolt has partnered up Norwegian company Intellifjord, and developed a solution for helps salmon farmers find the optimal amount of food at different times.

By using cameras and computer vision, the solution tracks the salmons’ activity levels, movement patterns and the amount of food in the water. It tells the salmon farmer, when and how much to feed the salmons.

Optimising this process leads to better welfare for the salmons, a less polluted environment, and larger profits for the farmer.