IntMed - Ambolt

Artificial Intelligence Helps Doctors Diagnose Patients and Find the Best Treatment.

Via our VentureTech model, we have partnered up with the two Norwegian doctors turned entrepreneurs, Marius & Anders, to build IntMed and Helseboka.

In the International Classification of Diseases, there are approximately 70.000 registered diagnoses. Similarly, there are thousands of symptoms and diagnostic tests.

Even for doctors, with 10+ years of education, it’s not feasible to keep track of them all. IntMed solves this problem.

Based on the patients’ test results and symptoms, some of which are captured by Helseboka, IntMed computes the probability of each diagnosis.

IntMed also proposes additional questions and tests, which the physician can employ to further increase the precision of the diagnosis.

With IntMed, the doctor’s experience, knowledge, and intuition are combined with the processing power of a computer.

IntMed and Helseboka are distributed via one of the world’s leading journal-systems for physicians and is backed by one of Scandinavia’s leading capital funds.