Plato - Ambolt

Plato Forecasts Organizational Capacity.

Evaluating an organisation’s future workforce needs can be a challenging task. The workforce is constantly changing, as employees retire, go on maternity leave, is promoted, and so on.

Ambolt and Analytic has partnered up, via our Venture-Tech model, to solve this problem. This has resultet in the product Plato. 

Plato takes in large amounts of relevant organizational data, which is then used to simulate and predict an organization’s future workforce needs.

This way, the organization can avoid shortages and surpluses in the employee pool and ensure the best fit between workers and jobs.

The Danish National Defence needed a way to effectively simulate and provide insight into their future HR-Capacity, which would enable them to recruit and train the right competencies. In 2019, Ambolt and Analytic initiated an ongoing partnership with the Danish National Defence.