Our Team - Ambolt


Andreas B. Eriksen

CEO & Partner

“We love working together. That’s pretty much it. Ambolt has become like a second home to us. Mathias, Kent and I founded Ambolt and we have been hanging out ever since. Today we are lucky to have so many talented people onboard. It just keeps getting better and better.”

Andreas Berre Eriksen, CEO in Ambolt

Andreas B. Eriksen

CEO & Partner

Bo Andersen

Senior Full Stack Developer

Mathias M. Andersen

Data Scientist, Software Developer & Partner

Jacob Elefsen

Full Stack Developer

Kent M. Caspersen

Software Architect, Developer & Partner

Steen Palle

Investment Manager

Samuel Nygaard

Data Scientist & Full Stack Developer

Niels S. Poulsen

Full Stack Developer

Simon Jensen

Data Scientist & Computer Vision Specialist

Rasmus Christensen

Student Software Developer

Christoffer Simonsen

Computer Vision Specialist

Anders Madsen

Student Software Developer

Jakob Taankvist

Partner in ATS

Jakob Tolstrup

Student Communications Specialist

Frederik B. Mathiesen

Student Software Developer

Susanne Calstrup

Kitchen & Service Helper

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