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Venture in New AI Technology.

Through VentureTech, we have already supported several partners bringing new concepts to life. As your Venture-partner, we co-found and help build your startup by offering AI development resources at a low cost, and commit ourselves to the success of your company by becoming shareholders. We believe mutual commitment and working together is the best way to realize ideas, innovate, and to conquer new markets.

VentureTech Explained.

Every great venture project starts with domain experts wanting to leverage AI for their project. 

All venture tech projects need
 seed money to ensure that the right 
organization is built.

As AI experts we have deep knowledge about the technical challenges related to product development. 

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Are You a Startup Looking for a Technical Partner or Funding?

Ambolt helps AI startups overcoming two of the main barriers for working with AI

1. Lack of Talent: VentureTech startups gains access to Ambolts talented AI-developers

2. Lack of Funding: We help match VentureTech startups with investors.

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Are You an Investor Looking for a Startup?
As a private investor it can be difficult to find the right investments and screen the business cases before they scale. AI businesses are growing fast, and many investors need to co-work with technical skilled people as partners together with the AI entrepreneurs. As a VentureTech investor, Ambolt has both the access and knowledge to identify the best investment cases due to our domain expertise and AI knowledge.
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Steen Palle
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Steen is Ambolt’s Head of Investments. Before joining Ambolt, Steen worked as an Investments Manager at Borean Innovation (Novi Innovation) for 18 years. Throughout his investment career, Steen has closed 5-8 deals per year, and screened hundreds of business ideas, in many different industries.