Helseboka - Ambolt


Helseboka Connects Patients and Doctors.

Via our VentureTech model, we have partnered up with the two Norwegian doctors turned entrepreneurs, Marius & Anders, to build IntMed and Helseboka.

Helseboka provides the patient with an overview of their own health. It allows easy access to their journals, future appointments, lab-results and so on.

When a patient schedules a doctor’s appointment via Helseboka , the app asks the patient a series of questions, about their symptoms. This way, the patient can describe their symptoms at depth, from the comfort of their own home, without time-pressure or fear of forgetting important details. Furthermore, the doctor won’t have the spend the first five out of 20 minutes on initial diagnosis, and will have a better basis for preparation.

These questions are asked intelligently by IntMed, which provides the underlying machine-learning algorithm. The algorithm takes the patient’s existing health data into account. For example, if the patient has with diabetes the questions are adjusted to fit this.

Marius and Anders, brought the deep domain expertise of the medical field, while Ambolt brought the technical expertise in app-development and machine-learning needed to build the solution.

Currently, Helseboka and IntMed are used by several hundred healthcare professional, including doctors, nurses, therapists, chiropractors, etc. The solution has a 5 digit number of users in total. 

IntMed and Helseboka are distributed via one of the world’s leading journal-systems for physicians and is backed by one of Scandinavia’s leading capital fonds.