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Our approach is to analyze rather than assume that data is of a certain volume. The project must be assessed critically by means of natural intelligence. Of course, we don’t know what we don’t know – and this must work in our clients’ favour.

Contact us when your project requires a pair of outside eyes to get it moving forward, when your own experience has taken you as far as it can, or if you need other skills to reach your goal.

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The technology is not the be-all and end-all. We match your vision of an AI solution with the right technology. Our “Emily AI” platform can be brought into play if you need to develop in a secure environment.

AI is the automation of tasks that require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence can solve a host of problems, and it can play a valuable role in recognizing errors, health diagnostics and traffic optimization, for example. It offers countless possibilities, and we know them and have tried most of them.

Empowering people to get involved in data science

Our experience with AI projects has revealed a need – a need for an AI platform that supports what we initiate. That’s why we invented the Emily AI platform.

Emily AI can make it possible to take an AI project to the next level. From the start-up stage, it can be difficult to bring the next step into a serious environment where the project can be put into production.


Emily AI

Your project, our process

Your start-up, our development

Do you have an ingenious AI idea that lacks external skills?

If the foundation, business idea and plan are in place, we enter into partnerships where we make things happen together.

But naturally the chemistry and the clear lines must be there, too.

Your project, our process