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Our passion and deep knowledge of AI technologies has brought us in a position to offer complete solutions seam­lessly integrated in your environment, consultancy services, and even an AI platform if you want to develop your own projects.

Artificial intelligence can solve a host of problems, and it can play a valuable role in recognizing errors, health diagnostics, traffic optimization and predictive maintenance, for example. It offers countless possibilities, and we know them and have tried most of them.

AI technologies can apply value to data in many ways. You can apply a layer of advanced analysis to your existing data, collecting and crushing data from different systems and calculate intelligent predictions and forecast.

Furthermore, you can build new business models that would not have been possible without AI technologies. Examples of new business opportunities is learning mobile robots to drive nicely among people or creating diving stories automatically.

Your project, our process

Guides and explorers

Our work method is to guide our customers in their search for the optimal solution to a specific problem or task. At the same time, we are AI front runners, we challenge ourselves and explore the possibilities with AI.

Ambolt AI

Let’s have a talk

Weather we work with your existing data, or create new data, we can help you with automation, transparency and add intelligence to your business processes.

If you have an idea to a project or need a fresh pair of eyes let’s set up a meeting and brainstorm the various possibilities that could solve your problem or provide new business possibilities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are considering an AI project and would like sparring from us.

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Emily Deploy

AI Platform

Empowering people to get involved in data science.

Our experience with AI projects has revealed a need – a need for an AI platform that supports what we initiate. That’s why we developed the Emily AI platform.

Emily AI can make it possible to take an AI project to the next level. From the start-up stage, it can be difficult to bring the next step into a serious environment where the project can be put into production.

Emily AI
Positiong system for mobile robots based on Computer Vision

Mobile robots must learn to drive nicely among people

To spread the use of robots in production environments, the implementation must be as easy as...
Emily Deploy

New software for AI developers

A new software release of Ambolt AI’s “Emily” development tool is now available. There are certain...
Advanced Traffic Systems (ATS) uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Advanced Traffic Systems (ATS) uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning to Optimize the Traffic Flow.

Everyone knows the situation. You stop at a red light, and think: “No one is driving...
Paralenz diving universe

Computer Vision provided new business opportunities for Paralenz

Paralenz specialize in advanced diving cameras that measure lots of valuable information during diving. It is more than high-quality diving cameras...
Helseboka connecting doctors and patients

Helseboka Connects Patients and Doctors.

Helseboka provides the patient with an overview of their own health. It allows easy access to...