Maximize the value of your data

We offer tailor-made solutions to complex software challenges. Your data is converted into action by using data processing, visualization and machine learning that integrate into your existing systems

Data for good

We choose to have impact on the cases we work with and we contribute to sustainable solutions that make a difference.

Every Ambolt project strives to solve the Global SDGs and create value for people and companies. We invite all partnerships for the goals to join us on the mission.


VentureTech for startups

In Venture partnerships we co-found startups and help innovative concepts with a high business potential to grow. As Venture-partner and co-founder we support startups to scale by o!ering AI development hours at a significantly reduced cost, thus receiving ownership in the startup companies. This is the business model we call VentureTech.

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Our Services

Ambolt's core values and services

Value-adding Algorithms

We focus on your data and how to extract the most value of it to ensure the best result.
We integrate the model into your existing systems, making the insights into just your data helping to make the right decisions

Artificial Intelligence

Keeping up-to-date with the latest research allows us to use state-of-the-art mathematical models for machine learning. We strive to help business' grow by finding patterns in your data, allowing us to provide decision support, predictions, and optimizations

Big Data

Using modern techniques, we can handle both huge, complex and fast flowing data through distributed computing, either in the cloud or on local state of the art hardware. Whether you want it analyzed, transformed or stored, we are ready to help you

Full Systems

Machine Learning is our specialty, but we are also experts in integrations of scalable backend and frontend systems. We use both widely known and thoroughly tested technologies as well as the newest frameworks for secure and fast solutions

Image Recognition

Image recognition is used in almost any area and industry. We not only enrich your images with labels such as "Apple" and "Pear", but provide deep insight whether you want to detect gestures, anomalies, count object, etc - and of course, it works on video as well

Agile Workflow

For optimal workflow and customer collaboration, we utilize best-practices from agile methodologies, such as knowledge management system for rapid sharing of information and utilize continuous integration for build and release management

Our team

The Ambolt team consist of highly educated and skilled people

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Ambolt delivers solutions for all industries, here is a selection of our previous solutions



IntMed uses artificial intelligence in the medical field. The goal is to make everyday life easier for both patients and healthcare professionals.



Helseboka strives to provide great value for health professionals and users developing apps in the medical field.


Advanced Traffic Systems

ATS develops and sells advanced traffic systems for controlling traffic lights, using the newest technologies from machine learning techniques.



An intelligent decision support tool for strategic and sustainable HR development.



Intellifjord helps salmon farms gain a better understanding of the salmon’s movement patterns.



JumpStory uses a unique combination of copywriting and AI to create and optimize digital content.



An analysis company who deals with data from flyers and supermarket catalogues. 1st-retail owns multiple websites, including,,



Provides access to targeted audiences and high performing digital ad units that are built to scale and deliver results for both advertiser and publisher.

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