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We meet artificial intelligence with natural intelligence

Artificial intelligence is only a thing by virtue of our natural intelligence.
We can save time, but we can never replace people.

Andreas Berre Eriksen, CEO Ambolt

Human-centric artificial intelligence ― for humans by humans

Our Data for good  approach means that we process the data of our clients and business partners in an ethical and responsible manner.

What’s more, we always question whether AI actually solves a problem or just sounds smart.


We use technology to empower people

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the automation of tasks that require human intelligence. AI can solve a multitude of problems, and it can play a valuable role in recognizing errors, health diagnostics and traffic optimization, for example.

The countless possibilities for the use of AI can help solve problems and develop new business models, but it requires a responsible and ethical approach to data.

That’s where Ambolt comes in.

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By means of artificial intelligence, machine learning and app development, Ambolt has added value to areas as different as:

Connecting doctors and patients by means of an app where questions to the patient are asked intelligently by an underlying machine-learning algorithm. Thus, a chance for the doctor to reduce time on initial diagnosis and be better prepared.

Traffic regulation to optimize traffic efficiency especially during rush hour and consequently reduce fuel consumption.

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Computer Vision provided new business opportunities for Paralenz

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Emily AI platform

A unique AI platform that strengthens your own AI solution

Our experience with AI projects has shown us that many people who work with AI solutions would ideally like to leave the basic configuration to someone else and to concentrate on the actual problem solving themselves.

We’ve met this desire to be able to skip the basic configuration by developing the “Emily AI” platform. Emily AI allows you to bring your industry experience and expertise to the table while letting Ambolt provide the AI platform and serve as a sounding board and consultant.

Emily AI is in use in a host of different applications and is also set to be used in teaching at universities all over the world.

Andreas Berre Eriksen, CEO Ambolt

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Based in Denmark, we’re a company that works together as a development team. Our proximity to one another, the importance of being able to sit together, talk together and have a good process is what makes us good.

working method


Identification and alignment of expectations based on an analytical and honest approach as well as an ethical basis for the collaboration. Projects must meet the “Data for good” standard.


Purpose and clarification. We identify what AI aims to solve, and clarify what decisions or actions need to be taken based on the solution. What are the requirements for the AI model and how do we benchmark those requirements?


Development is initiated.

Our approach is to analyze rather than assume that data is of a certain volume. This must be assessed critically by means of natural intelligence. Of course, we don’t know what we don’t know – and this must work in our clients’ favour.

Data is not just data. When we work with machine learning, we do so in close collaboration with our clients to create the optimal value. Our experience must fulfil your ideas about how far machine learning can take us and enrich your project with new possibilities and new predictions and outputs.

Traffic challenges, new possibilities in quality control or surveillance – computer vision is there in many aspects of our everyday lives. We specialize in computer vision, and through our approach, we create solutions that create value.

More and more companies are turning to AI based solutions. The problem is, though, that AI is not enough in itself. A good helping of natural intelligence, advice and decency needs to be added. And that’s exactly what Ambolt AI offers, allowing us to develop our product, get it tested optimally and drive development using Emily as a platform.

The story

About Ambolt AI

Ambolt was founded by a group of Computer Science students at Aalborg University, who quickly found out that they loved doing projects together.