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Ambolt is a software consultancy specialized in machine learning and big data. We use data science and machine learning techniques to help companies build state-of-the-art AI-Solutions. We have worked with companies ranging from startups to publicly traded corporations, in a wide spectrum of industries, including agriculture, healthcare, energy, traffic, and telecommunications.

What we Do best


Our team consists of some of the best engineers in the field. We pride ourselves in our ability to use state-of-the-art AI technology, to build novel solutions that make a difference.


Machine learning allows computers to improve automatically through experience and data.
You can use it to automate repetitive tasks, predict events and recognize patterns.


Computer vision as an AI technology that allows computers to recognise and label images. 
It has many uses cases, including traffic regulation, quality control, diagnosing medical conditions and much more.

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Reach out to Jon, and we'll discuss your goals and determine how we can help

Jon Andersen is Ambolt’s Head of Sales and Business Development. Previously, he was the Head of Analytics and AI at Telenor Group, and is a veteran of digital transformation and change management. He is always open for a chat, and for sharing his perspective on a given problem.

Jon Andersen
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Emily AI Platform.

With Emily Your Solutions Become Intelligent
Emily is a well-defined and production-ready AI environment, and is at the core of our AI tech stack. She ensures that AI all have quick access to a stable toolbox for developing state of the art AI-solutions. All tools have been carefully chosen in order to make sure they play together nicely while creating a stable environment for pushing the limits of AI. Emily is continuously adapting the newest advancements – either provided by 3rd parties, the open source community or ourselves. With Emily your solutions become intelligent.

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We Work With Entrepreneurs and Investors In Building Great AI Startups

With Venture-Tech, we co-found startups and help innovative concepts with high growth potential, to scale. As a Venture-partner and co-founder, we support startups by offering AI development hours at a reduced cost and correspondingly acquire an equity stake in the start-up. This is the business model we call VentureTech.

VentureTech Projects
& AI Customers.



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partnerships for the goals

Data for Good.

We Strive to Solve the Global Sustainable Development Goals

We choose to have an impact through our work. Every Ambolt project strives to solve one of the Global Sustainable Development Goals. We invite all to join us on the mission.

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