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The Story.

Ambolt was founded by a group of Computer Science students at Aalborg University, who quickly found out that they loved doing projects together.

“We had a great time working together. We kept coming back to the idea of starting a business together. We really wanted to stay together as a team.” – Kent. 

On the 10th and last semester, Ambolt was officially founded; An entrepreneurial venture with edge and ambition.
The company needed a name and the guys came up with Ambolt (Anvil in Danish).
“We like to think of ourselves as thorough, down to earth Jutes. We didn’t need a fancy name then, and we still don’t. Also, we liked the idea of being “data-smiths.” – Andreas

Ambolt’s first project was building a small device for bicycles in Aarhus, that could measure whether there was air the tire of bicycles that drove over it.

However, as the guys graduated from Aalborg University, the outside world also started to show itself. Some of the founders took jobs, some took PhD-positions, and others went abroad. But the idea of Ambolt never died. The guys had been bitten by an entrepreneurship bug, and the dream of running their own company lived on.

Nights and weekends, they kept hacking on Ambolt projects.
A year later, the guys gradually throttled down their involvement with obligations from the outside world, while they smithed on Ambolt whenever they could. Before they knew it they were smithing full time.

“We just wanted to get started and do our own thing. That’s still how it is, that’s really great.” – Mathias

Ambolt started to take off, when the Norwegian doctor, Marius, googled “Machine Intelligence”.
He found a post online, one of the three founders had posted in a small online forum. This became the beginning of an ongoing and fruitful partnership.

The Norwegian project was Ambolt’s first seed money. None of the guys had imagined how amazing it was, finally to join Ambolt together. One project took another and suddently Ambolt offered a variety of solutions for different companies and different industries. Ambolt had taken the three datasmiths Andreas, Kent, and Mathias, from the university’s dusty study rooms to Andreas basement and at last to the beautiful office in Slotsgade, Center of Aalborg.

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