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Ambolt AI newsletter august 2022


Emily Reporting functionality helps developers and management If you work with ML projects, you may be…

DM i AI trophy

Danish AI Championship for students 2022

Who is Denmark’s biggest AI talent 2022? The Danish AI Championship is an annual competition for students….

Jon Andersen og Anders Brams

Save time realizing AI visions

Ambolt AI’s new developer tool, Emily, makes configuration and deployment faster and simpler, allowing you to…

Emily 3.0.2 – Nginx – Software Release

Great news for Nginx users – you can now secure your APIs quick and easy. With…

kvalitetssikring med AI

Taking the sting out of AI

Andreas Berre Eriksen, CEO of Ambolt AI will cut through the hype of AI and talk…

How object detectors learn

How Object Detectors learn

In this post, we are going to try to answer the following two question: what is…

Positiong system for mobile robots based on Computer Vision

Mobile robots must learn to drive nicely among people

To spread the use of robots in production environments, the implementation must be as easy as…

Emily Deploy

New software for AI developers

A new software release of Ambolt AI’s “Emily” development tool is now available. There are certain…

Andreas Berre Eriksen

Interview with Ambolt AI co-founder Andreas Berre Eriksen

“AI has really reached age of implementation, so it will now be implemented across many different…

Award Digital Tech Summit

Future Talents Award

We at Ambolt AI would like to congratulate Asger Schulz and Søren Winkel Holm, who cruised…