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Empowering people to get involved in data science

Our experience with AI projects has revealed a need – a need for an AI platform that makes it easier and quicker to initiate AI projects. That’s why we invented the “Emily AI” platform.

The AI platform can make it possible to take an AI project to the next level. From the start-up stage, it can be difficult to bring the next step into a serious environment where the project can be put into production.




The Emily AI Platform

Emily AI is a well-defined and production-ready AI environment for developers. It effectively and reliably enables AI developers to develop, operate, and work together across AI projects. It works well for both beginners, hardcore AI researchers, and corporate IT operations.

Emily is at the core of our AI tech stack and ensures quick access to a stable AI development toolbox. All tools have been carefully chosen and optimized to ensure a powerful and stable environment for pushing the limits of AI.

The AI platform is continuously adapting the newest advancements – either provided by 3rd parties, the open-source community or Ambolt ourselves.

Emily is your fast track to AI-enabled microservice deployment

Keep your critical data local

Control your data by accessing and keeping your critical data locally

Work in a controlled environment

Work together in a controlled environment when developing your AI solution

Microservice cloud deployment

Easy deployment with AI enabled docker containers

Get started with your own AI project

Download Emily AI and check out the documentation and demos on the GitHub repository

Go to Github

10 good reasons why you should use Emily AI

Emily is a simple, but powerful platform with a Command Line Interface that empowers you to take control of your python-based project through the following:

  1. Ensures a standardized machine learning development platform. This will reduce project start-up-time by eliminating the need for boiler-plate code and environment setup. The risk of conflicts and miscommunication is reduced.
  2. Micro-service focused development further enabling fast deployment and easy integration with existing software solutions.
  3. Development happens inside the very same docker-container that goes into production, enabling fast deployment.
  4. A command-line interface for hassle-free development-system setup, as well as Emily project creation, management, and configuration.
  5. Support multiple IDE’s, including Visual Studio Code and PyCharm Professional.
  6. Easy sharing of Emily projects via file tracking software such as GIT.
  7. Machine learning demos and tutorials tailored for the Emily AI platform, enabling fast transition from demo to a solution in production.
  8. Effective developer up-skilling from demos and tutorials with working solutions built into Emily AI.
  9. Emily is continually adapting the newest advancements ensuring a futureproof AI platform.
  10. Emily gives you access to top-of-the-line Ambolt AI developers and consultants, who can help you reach your goal.