With Emily your solutionS become intelligent

Fast tracK to AI enabled
Microservice deployment

Fast track to AI enabled microservice deployment

Access and keep your critical data local

Control your data by accessing and keeping your critical data locally

woRk in a controlled local environment

Work jointly in a controlled local environment when training your AI algorithm

Microservice cloud deployment

Easy docker container AI enabled microservice cloud deployment

emily ai platform


Emily is a well-defined and production-ready AI environment. It effectively and reliably enables AI developers to develop, operate, and work together across AI projects. She works well for both beginners, hardcore AI researchers, and corporate IT operations. With Emily your solution becomes intelligent.


Emily is at the core of our AI tech stack.
She ensures that we have quick access to a stable AI development toolbox. These tools have been carefully chosen and optimized to ensure a powerful and stable environment for pushing the limits of AI. The newest advancements in AI are continuously implemented into Emily.

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