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Frederik Bak Christensen

Frederik Bak Christensen

Sales & Customer Success Manager

(+45) 41 11 23 11

Jon Andersen

Jon Andersen


(+45) 20 56 99 40

Andreas Berre Eriksen

Andreas Berre Eriksen

CEO & Partner

(+45) 22 43 02 57

Janne Søberg Vestergaard

Janne Søberg Vestergaard


(+45) 41 12 21 11

Ida Wetche

Ida Wetche

Brand & Marketing Manager

(+45) 44 11 09 98

Steen Palle

Steen Palle

Investment Manager

(+45) 22 13 74 70

We are Ambolt AI

Just like our clients, the bulk of our business involves challenges that need to be addressed. When faced with a problem, we look at whether it’s something that could be solved with artificial intelligence.

We work primarily with problem solving and secondarily with AI. But “DATA FOR GOOD” is at the core of everything we do.

Our team


Ambolt was founded by a group of Computer Science students from Aalborg University. Our group has now become a large, permanent, close-knit team, and everyone in that team exudes passion, ambition and edge.

We collaborate with the university and follow research projects of a high academic level. This not only enables us to be at the forefront of development but in turn gives the universities experience from everyday life and the business world, benefiting everyone.

Focus on the development of the industry and of competencies and talent is the path to meaningful, human-centric AI solutions by people for people in the future.

News - Danish AI Championship

DM in AI

Ambolt will be hosting a competition in AI for students from 1–7 November. The purpose of the competition is to celebrate the AI talents of the future and make students fall in love with AI.

We also wish to draw attention to the development of AI, as we are facing a shortage of AI skills in Denmark in the near future.

Emily AI provided the right development environment to test our model to optimize road safety. Ambolt provided the advice and support we needed but above all, they are at the forefront of the opportunities and resources AI offers for our invention.

Ambolt AI
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